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Unpublished Letters: Lynn McGill

Supporter Lynn McGill submitted this letter to the Tribune on March 3 and New Times SLO on March 5. We haven’t seen it in print yet. Have you?

— — —

While supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson attempted to force a water district promoted by Stewart Resnick and other big money concerns on North County voters, Supervisor Lynn Compton listened to residents and voted no.

When hundreds of our neighbors voiced concerns about the dangers of more oil tankers traveling by rail to an oil refinery in Nipomo, Lynn voted against a proposed rail spur.

While some county residents pleaded for more mental health services, a group of residents in Templeton voiced fears that a short-term mental health facility would be disruptive to their community. Lynn weighed the concerns with the need for more mental health services and voted to approve the new facility.

While the public voted to allow recreational marijuana use, two county supervisors wanted to mold the county into a marijuana destination point and were pushing for a primarily unregulated pot industry. Some residents began to complain about the water use and the smell of neighboring marijuana grows. Lynn worked to produce a comprehensive marijuana ordinance that permits pot businesses while protecting the rights of county residents.

Vote for Lynn Compton for supervisor, by far the best choice.

Lynn McGill

  • 24 May, 2018
  • CampaignAdmin

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