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Unpublished Letters: Linda Trahey

Linda Trahey submitted her letter to the New Times SLO, Tribune, Cal Coast News and Santa Maria Sun on April 27. Almost a month later, it hasn’t been published.

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The Scripps Institute came out with a recent report that says the mist blowing on the Trilogy neighborhood in Nipomo is from the ocean and not the sand dunes. It is biological spread by the winds blowing over the ocean waters. The same winds that created the dunes.

The APCD has admitted that their earlier claims of toxic levels of crystalline silica were wrong, but this is after those claims were repeated by the court and the California Coastal Commission. These false fears were promoted by local politicians who have battled to shut down the dunes, an economic machine the county cannot afford to lose with the impending shutdown of the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant.

Many people living in Trilogy remain fearful that if off-road vehicle riding at the dunes is not stopped, they will suffer health issues. Many are unaware that silica is not blowing on their neighborhood from the sand dunes.

And while it appears the APCD used the faulty reports to increase their budget, Jimmy Paulding’s campaign is using those faulty claims to win votes. Instead of promoting the facts, his campaign is painting Supervisor Lynn Compton as a science denier who does not care about her community.

Linda Trahey

  • 24 May, 2018
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