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Unpublished Letters: Judie Hagstrom

This letter was initially submitted to the Tribune by Lynn Compton supporter and 4th District Judie Hagstrom on April 7. She was informed her letter was over the word count allowed, so she made revisions and resubmitted it on April 10.

Today, her letter still has yet to be printed or posted online, so we are posting Judie’s revised version here for you to see.


Success in campaigning for office often has absolutely nothing to do with the ability to do the job once elected. What it does is give insight into the ethical values of each candidate. It only takes a couple of words to cast doubt through false accusations and innuendo; doubt that can leave negative impressions and undermine the true integrity of those running campaigns based on the issues and actual experience. Unfortunately, Jimmy Paulding has come out on the short end of the ethical stick in his attacks on incumbent Lynn Compton.

Lynn has been an excellent supervisor. She has successfully represented us on issues such as assuring that funding held for south county improvements is actually used for that purpose. Lynn actively involves herself in local activities so she knows the needs and desires of District 4 residents, and she consistently votes to assure the health and safety of her constituents. She is the voice of reason on the Board, does not allow other supervisors to bully her into silence, and spends the time necessary to assure informed and thoughtful representation of all San Luis Obispo County residents.

Judie Hagstrom
Nipomo, CA


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  • 21 May, 2018
  • CampaignAdmin

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