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My opponent is lying about my record. Here’s the truth!

My opponent is lying to smear my reputation with falsehoods regarding my commitment to protecting San Luis Obispo County’s scenic beauty and the environment. Last month, I voted to support a resolution that clearly stated our opposition to expanding offshore oil production along our coast. The resolution failed to pass, not because of me, but because Supervisors Hill and Gibson voted against it. The headline from the Tribune article says it all.

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What my opponent states in his campaign literature is a lie and complete misrepresentation of the facts. You can watch the video from our Board Meeting where we discussed the proposed resolution online, and you can see my vote.

His lies also ignore the letter our Board of Supervisors sent to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke clearly stating our opposition to expanding offshore oil production along our coast.

What is true is that my opponent’s “renewable energy plan,” i.e., “Community Choice Aggregation,” which seems to be his number one issue in this campaign, would cost our families 30% more for electricity in addition to increased county personnel and time costs.

My opponent says he has new ideas for the future, but in reality his ideas are old and tired: higher taxes, increased fees and more burdensome regulations that drive up our cost of living. Our families and small businesses simply can’t afford his politics.

  • 9 May, 2018
  • CampaignAdmin

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