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SLO Tribune: Letters: South County is better because of Lynn Compton

As the mother of twin girls born in Nipomo, Supervisor Lynn Compton is acutely aware of the shortage of parks in Nipomo. Working on behalf of our children, she was able to procure funds for a Nipomo skate park, Jack’s Helping Hand park, the Dana Adobe and the Nipomo Community Park. While supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson sought to have fees raised in Nipomo spent in their districts, Lynn was able to get a majority to agree to spend monies in South County.

What Lynn most excels at is responding to the concerns of South County residents. After residents voiced their concerns about crime, Lynn sought and received approval for a new sheriff’s substation to be built in Nipomo.

She also listened to the concerns of residents in the Huasna Valley area and Nipomo regarding water, crime, other issues caused by a handful of large marijuana grows. She worked to promote a balanced marijuana ordinance that protects our quality of life while permitting hundreds of marijuana grows.

Lynn has the experience and knowledge to serve South County residents. Vote for Compton for 4th District supervisor.


Here’s a link to the original article online.

  • 2 Mar, 2018
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