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Lompoc Record: Letters: Who’s doing the right thing?; Vote on outside household pot misguided

Who’s doing the right thing?
Let’s see.

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Lynn Compton discovers that nearly $11 million in development impact fees generated in her district years before she was elected had been siphoned off to projects in other districts. She effectively fights for and gets her colleagues to allocate $1.5 million for much needed park projects in her district.

And who complains? Supervisors Gibson and Hill who were the clever beneficiaries of those deflected funds. Enter the recent court settlement on the Los Osos Wastewater Treatment Plant to pay nearly $10 million in damages for mismanaging a contract in Gibson’s District.

Clearly, it has been Gibson and his district that have been draining county coffers, not Compton.

Compton has been there for barely three years while the clever Gibson is trying for his fourth term and 16th year in office. So who is doing the better job?

No question. Lynn has had the courage to fight for her district while Gibson has played sleight-of-hand while squandering the financial resources of this county.

We need Lynn Compton to represent and protect the 4th District from those who would starve it.


Here’s a link to the original article online.

  • 21 Feb, 2018
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