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Lynn Compton for 4th District Supervisor Endorsements



  • Debbie Arnold, 5th District Supervisor, San Luis Obispo County
  • Andrea Seastrand, Former 22nd District Congresswoman; President, Central Coast Taxpayers Association
  • Katcho Achadjian, Former 35th District Assemblyman; Former 4th District Supervisor, San Luis Obispo County
  • John Peschong, 1st District Supervisor, San Luis Obispo County
  • Tom J. Bordonaro, Jr., Assessor, San Luis Obispo County
  • Ruth Brackett, Former 4th District Supervisor, San Luis Obispo County
  • Peter Keith, Former Mayor, City of Grover Beach; Former City Councilmember, City of Grover Beach; Planning Commission Chairman, City of Grover Beach
  • Linda Austin, Oceano Advisory Council
  • Roberta Fonzi, City Councilmember, City of Atascadero
  • Jim Reed, City Councilmember, City of Paso Robles
  • Ed Waage, Mayor, City of Pismo Beach
  • Mary Ann Reiss, City Councilmember, City of Pismo Beach


  • Nipomo Chamber of Commerce
  • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association


  • Laurie Alexiev
  • Dennis Allan
  • Margaret Allan
  • Steve Arnold
  • Geoff Auslen
  • Clark Baird
  • Bill Bettencourt
  • Patricia Blishak
  • Doug Bunch
  • Ralph R. Bush
  • Robert Carrubba
  • Helen Daurio
  • Elsa Dawson
  • Tom Dawson
  • Cees Dobbe
  • Sylvia Dodd
  • Susan Dollemore
  • Linda Donnelly
  • George Dubois
  • Mary Dubois
  • Barry Dunahoo
  • Robert Enns
  • Brigitte Falkenhagen
  • Bruce Falkenhagen
  • Al Fonzi
  • Kathy Fissori
  • Michael Frederick
  • George E. Galvan
  • James Gorman
  • Les Graulich
  • Jo Anne Hanford
  • R. J. Hansen
  • Jesse Hill
  • Collette Hyder
  • Norman Hyder
  • Sylvia Huth
  • Robert Huth
  • Chris Ivey
  • Trudy Jarratt
  • Helen Johnson
  • Gerry Johnson
  • J Johnson
  • Amber Johnson
  • Helen Johnson
  • Gary Joralemon
  • Alex Joralemon
  • Danny Jones
  • Betsey Kelton
  • Frank Kelton
  • Gary Kirkland
  • B. Kim Lilly
  • Jacki Mallory
  • Jack Mallory
  • Thomas S. Martin
  • Noreen Martin
  • Alison Martinez
  • Joe Martinez
  • Madalyn McDaniel
  • Jim McGrath
  • Peg Miller
  • Don Miller
  • Ralph Miner
  • Carolyn Miner
  • Judy Money
  • Laura Mordant
  • Jim Motter
  • Greg Nester
  • Eric Nevitt
  • Sharon Nevitt
  • Jeremiah O’Brien
  • Patricia O’Lear
  • Linda Osty
  • Ken Osty
  • William Pelfrey
  • Gwen Pelfrey
  • Bev Phifer
  • Hugh Pitts
  • Leslie Pitts
  • Patrick Raymond
  • Ruby Raymond
  • Karen Reed
  • Wayne Riddering
  • Joseph Rouleau
  • Yvonne Rouleau
  • Jon Sands
  • Leslie Sands
  • Joseph Michael Scott
  • Sean Schuur
  • Gigi Senna
  • Bill Senna
  • Dr. Laura Slaughter
  • Ron Smith
  • Ingrid Smith
  • Jack Smith
  • Jayne Smith
  • Celine Souza
  • Connie Stamolis
  • Beverly A. Steinbeck
  • Kathleen Stowell
  • Steve Schumann
  • Connie Stamolis
  • Justin Stoner
  • Kathleen Stowell
  • Wade Taylor
  • Deanna Teixeira
  • Julie Tizzano
  • Raymond Toomey
  • Barbara Tull
  • Kimberley Victor
  • Paula Voigt
  • Mary Joan Wallace
  • Tracey Walton
  • Charlotte Weinberg
  • Charles Whitney
  • Dick Willhoit
  • Wes Willhoit

Partial List


Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Nipomo Chamber of Commerce

Katcho Achadjian
Former 35th District Assemblyman
Former 4th District Supervisor, San Luis Obispo County

Debbie Arnold
5th District Supervisor, San Luis Obispo County

Andrea Seastrand
Former 22nd District Congresswoman
President, Central Coast Taxpayers Association

(Partial List)

"Lynn Compton can be absolutely trusted to fight for taxpayers, and she’s exactly the type of courageous leader we need on the Board of Supervisors. I’ve worked with Lynn for years. You’d be hard pressed to find a more honest, hardworking and dedicated public servant who is committed to making government work for the people. Many in California are attempting to erode Proposition 13 and all the taxpayer protections it affords, only to go on wasteful spending sprees with our hard-earned money. We’re fortunate to have taxpayer advocates like Lynn in our corner. Please join me in supporting Lynn Compton for 4th District Supervisor in 2018."

Andrea Seastrand, former Congresswoman and President, Central Coast Taxpayers Association

"I am proud to support Lynn Compton to represent the 4th District, a seat I once held. She’s a very hard worker, very visible in the community, and very accessible to her constituents. She's a leader with great understanding of what it takes to make ends meet, a businesswoman herself and mother of two beautiful children who were born and raised in the 4th District. She knows first-hand the issues facing our county and is not afraid of taking difficult position to benefit the people she represents. She's been a tenacious voice for common sense and is deserving of our support for another term in the office of the Board of Supervisors."

Katcho Achadjian, former California State Assemblyman and SLO County Supervisor

"I'm proud to be on Supervisor Compton's team. She's working hard for Nipomo and South County."

Ruth Brackett, former 4th District Supervisor and Small Business Owner

"Thank you, Supervisor Compton, for your time to meet with and genuine concern for all people in the County!"

Howard Hess