Proudly serving the people of San Luis Obispo County’s 4th District.


I believe San Luis Obispo County is a very special place, and it is my privilege to serve as your 4th District County Supervisor.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been a South County resident and a small business owner. All too often I’ve seen how poor policies, pushed by special interest groups, have harmed small businesses and interfered with our families and our way of life here in the county.

Since my election to office in 2014, I’ve put my experience as an independent businesswoman, my knowledge of the agriculture industry, and my passion for our region to work, championing policies to improve the quality of life for the people of San Luis Obispo County and specifically those living in the 4th district, as we seem to always be overlooked.

I’m seeking reelection in 2018 because I sincerely believe that there is still work to be done in order to move San Luis Obispo County forward. I hope you will continue to entrust me with the job as your Supervisor and ask that you join me in my reelection campaign.

I truly believe that we need common sense policies that create local jobs, build safe neighborhoods, protect taxpayers and encourage new investment in our community, while sustainably managing our water and other natural resources, while preserving our County’s scenic beauty.

I am proud to call San Luis Obispo County home and want to make sure we all have opportunities to not only survive, but thrive here. It is my hope you’ll join me in fighting for San Luis Obispo County families for the next 5 years.



Lynn Compton


Campaign Updates

On the same day an opinion in The Tribune asked where Supervisor Lynn Compton was on funding for Nipomo parks, Lynn Compton was at public workshop where an architect unveiled three design options for a Nipomo skate park. For more than a year, Lynn has battled supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson for monies to pay for the park’s design.

After discovering development fees from construction in Nipomo were used to build a skate park in Los Osos and a bike trail in Avila Beach, Lynn fought for South County children. This year, Lynn secured funding for the design. Next year, she plans to secure funding for construction.

To say that her opponent Jimmy Paulding gets things done because he has worked for a little more than a year as an analyst for an out-of-county building contractor is a stretch. His limited out-of-county project management experience does not mean he can get things done in San Luis County.

While Lynn was at the workshop discussing the three skate park options, Jimmy Paulding was notably absent. Thank you, Lynn. Keep fighting for our children.

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Arroyo Grande Retired Police Chief Steven N. Annibali Endorses Lynn Compton for 4th District Supervisor


CONTACT: Damian Fussel

Arroyo Grande, CA – Lynn Compton’s campaign for re-election as 4th District Supervisor announced it has received the endorsement of retired Arroyo Grande Chief of Police, Steven N. Annibali.

“In my nearly forty years of public service I have found few elected officials that are both fully engaged and as approachable as you have been,” said former Arroyo Grande Chief of Police, Steven N. Annibali. “You have represented the 4th District well and I enthusiastically endorse your candidacy.”

Ret. Chief Annibali retired last year after serving since August 27, 2007. Annibali served his community and worked hard to protect Arroyo Grande.

“Chief Annibali’s leadership and service to the people and to the community of Arroyo Grande will be recognized for many years to come in so many ways,” said Lynn Compton. “I have profound respect for him, for all that he was able to accomplish for the people of Arroyo Grande, and I am grateful for his endorsement and for his confidence in me.”

Retired Chief Steven N. Annibali joins a growing list of public safety personnel, community leaders, business organizations and taxpayer advocates who have endorsed Lynn Compton’s campaign for re-election.


Lynn Compton is a small businesswoman, rancher, and mother of twins who serves the constituents of San Luis Obispo County’s 4th District on the Board of Supervisors. Since her election in 2014, Lynn has been a champion for common-sense policies that protect families, taxpayers and the natural resources that enhance San Luis Obispo County’s scenic beauty.

As the mother of twin girls born in Nipomo, Supervisor Lynn Compton is acutely aware of the shortage of parks in Nipomo. Working on behalf of our children, she was able to procure funds for a Nipomo skate park, Jack’s Helping Hand park, the Dana Adobe and the Nipomo Community Park. While supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson sought to have fees raised in Nipomo spent in their districts, Lynn was able to get a majority to agree to spend monies in South County.

What Lynn most excels at is responding to the concerns of South County residents. After residents voiced their concerns about crime, Lynn sought and received approval for a new sheriff’s substation to be built in Nipomo.

She also listened to the concerns of residents in the Huasna Valley area and Nipomo regarding water, crime, other issues caused by a handful of large marijuana grows. She worked to promote a balanced marijuana ordinance that protects our quality of life while permitting hundreds of marijuana grows.

Lynn has the experience and knowledge to serve South County residents. Vote for Compton for 4th District supervisor.


Here’s a link to the original article online.

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CAL FIRE Local 2881,
San Luis Obispo Chapter

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Nipomo Chamber of Commerce

Katcho Achadjian
Former 35th District Assemblyman
Former 4th District Supervisor, San Luis Obispo County

Debbie Arnold
5th District Supervisor, San Luis Obispo County

Andrea Seastrand
Former 22nd District Congresswoman
President, Central Coast Taxpayers Association

(Partial List. Titles used for identification purposes only.)

Andrea Seastrand, former Congresswoman and President, Central Coast Taxpayers Association

"Lynn Compton can be absolutely trusted to fight for taxpayers, and she’s exactly the type of courageous leader we need on the Board of Supervisors. I’ve worked with Lynn for years. You’d be hard pressed to find a more honest, hardworking and dedicated public servant who is committed to making government work for the people. Many in California are attempting to erode Proposition 13 and all the taxpayer protections it affords, only to go on wasteful spending sprees with our hard-earned money. We’re fortunate to have taxpayer advocates like Lynn in our corner. Please join me in supporting Lynn Compton for 4th District Supervisor in 2018."

Katcho Achadjian, former California State Assemblyman and SLO County Supervisor

"I am proud to support Lynn Compton to represent the 4th District, a seat I once held. She’s a very hard worker, very visible in the community, and very accessible to her constituents. She's a leader with great understanding of what it takes to make ends meet, a businesswoman herself and mother of two beautiful children who were born and raised in the 4th District. She knows first-hand the issues facing our county and is not afraid of taking difficult position to benefit the people she represents. She's been a tenacious voice for common sense and is deserving of our support for another term in the office of the Board of Supervisors."

Ruth Brackett, former 4th District Supervisor and Small Business Owner

"I'm proud to be on Supervisor Compton's team. She's working hard for Nipomo and South County."

Howard Hess

"Thank you, Supervisor Compton, for your time to meet with and genuine concern for all people in the County!"

Jeremy Burns, Arroyo Grande Police Officers Association

“Lynn has proven herself to be committed to public safety. We endorsed Lynn in 2014 because she promised to keep public safety top of mind. We’re proud to support her once again, because she doesn’t just talk about keeping our neighborhoods and communities safe. Lynn makes sure that funding public safety and law enforcement is a top budget priority for San Luis Obispo County.”

Danny Richard, San Luis Obispo Chapter Director, CAL FIRE Local 2881

“Lynn’s leadership has been pivotal in providing San Luis Obispo County with the finest public safety services in the state. Lynn understands that public safety needs to be a top priority of county government.”

Steven N. Annibali, Arroyo Grande Retired Police Chief

“In my nearly forty years of public service I have found few elected officials that are both fully engaged and as approachable as you have been," said former Arroyo Grande Chief of Police, Steven N. Annibali. "You have represented the 4th District well and I enthusiastically endorse your candidacy.”

Jon Coupal, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

“Lynn ran her 2014 campaign on protecting both Proposition 13 and our working taxpayers. Supervisor Compton has delivered on that promise, been a powerful champion of Proposition 13 and a tireless advocate for lower taxes. Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC is proud to endorse her again.”